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Growth Stage

Growth Stage

Cannabis is budding, business is booming

The growth stage

Full digital documentation and mapping of the crop batches in the growth and flowering stages,
including all the agrotechnical and agronomical aspects of the harvest.
Documentation is done using a designated mobile app that enables reporting
from every point at the growing facility. All the information is collected to the main management system,
with full monitoring in real time.

From growing and flowering to harvesting

  • Documenting the prunings, cuttings, and all the agrotechnical activities
  • Pest monitoring, bio-pesticide, and sprayings
  • Digital inventory management during growing and processing
  • Monitoring and documenting the quality of the irrigation water
  • Cleaning and sterilization in the various areas

Tests, documentation, and monitoring

  • An advanced lab tests module that documents and monitors the tests required during growing and processing
  • Suited to fully comply with regulations