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Processing Stage

Processing Stage

It works for you up to inflorescence

The processing stage

The post harvest process is fully documented
using weighing and documentation stations that are installed at the post harvest site.
Each working station includes a computer, barcode printer and required auxiliary equipment,
including designated software for weighing.

Post harvest site

  • Documenting, processing, and displaying each weighing using the system’s designated working stations
  • Documenting the material (the plants) that arrives from the growing area
  • Collecting and sending the information automatically, online to the database and the main management software

The drying room

  • Documentation during drying, trimming, and curing, including weight, date, batch, and type
  • A designated trimming software that documents employee performance
  • All the information is continuously being sent to the database and to the main management software, in real time


  • A working station that documents the final product packages
  • Documenting and producing a serial number for each bag, according to the different customers
  • Issuing dispatch notes, and managing inventory of final goodat the post harvest site